Ut has come to America, but her mother remains in Vietnam. Looking at her mother’s pictures comforts Ut, but she is unhappy because her classmates tease her, especially red-headed Raymond. However, after a snowball fight, the two become friends, and good things begin to happen for Ut.
The Author
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Michele Maria Surat
the idea for the fictional “Angel Child, Dragon Child” came from teaching Vietnamese students, says award-winning author Michele Maria Surat. She says, “I was impressed by my Vietnamese students who had the courage to create new lives in America, so I wanted to write about them.”
Vo-Dinh Mai
The famous artist Vo-Dinh Mai was born in Vietnam but has lived in France and the United States. He says, “ There is a very definite message in ‘Angel Child, Dragon Child.’ People of every country and race have the same concerns, the same problems, and the same hopes and dreams.”

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