Instructional Videos:

Cropping, Sizing, & Ratios



Time Lapsed Portrait of Shading

Drawing Eyes

Drawing Hair

Reading a Ruler



Written Instructions: This provides a summarized version of the information in the videos in written form with illustrations.

Artistic Terminology Study Sheet for Test: For this unit you will be required to know the definition of some artistic terms that pertain to drawing. Click on this link to download a copy or get a copy from your teacher so that you have the information to study for your next test. Make sure to check the test date on the Art 1P web page or the teacher's board. It is your responsibilitie to check these locations for test dates and to study so that you are prepared for the test.

The Ruler Game: Knowing how to read a ruler is not only needed for this assignment, but it is a basic skill that is very important and needed for many jobs. If you have difficulty reading a ruler ask Mr. Stavrianoudakis to teach you & or watch the video (link to the left). In about 5 to 10 minutes he can teach you to read a ruler to the nearest 1/4". You can then practice your new skill playing the ruler game at this link.