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Image Search & Cropping:

Deleting the Background:

Black, White, & Gray:

Smoothing the Edges:

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Lining up the Projector:

Final Stages:

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Collage Examples: Click on this link to take you to the art web page that shows student examples of Celebrity Collages.

Note: You don't have to do a collage of a celebrity. You may do any historical figure/s, a family member/s, or even a self-portrait. However, if you decide to use a family member, friends, and/or yourself it may require you to bring in multiple photos of these individuals on a flash drive or CD which can add to your workload. This statement is not intended to discourage you from doing this, only to inform you. If you choose to do this, then you'll need to coordinate your collage with Mr. Stavrianoudakis so he can show you how to complete this additional work.