Instructional Videos:

Quick Preview of Project

Taking Your Picture

Cropping & Selecting



Adding The Body

Final Stages

Link to Alien Body: Click on this link to access the picture of the alien body you will use for this project. Of course you are welcome and encouraged to come up with your own drawing.

End File - Grading Expectations: This page will show you how your finished project should look. It will also show the way your layers should look in the layers palette as well as other things that should be included to recieve a high grade.

Advanced Example: This page will show you what your project could look like if you take your project further by adding some advanced filters, and making other adjustments such as adding highlights and shadows. If you are already familiar with Photoshop and feel comfortable experimenting, do a "Save As" to create another project (so you don't risk ruining your original) and see what you can do.