Instructional Videos:

The Printing of a Shirt

T-Shirt Designs & the Printing Process

Design Layout

Aliasing vs. Anti-Aliasing

Text and Stuff

Graphic Oultine

Adding Color

Highlights & Shadows

Screen Separations


Line Drawings for T-Shirt Designs: Click on this link to access the pictures you may use for your T-shirt desgin. Of course you are welcome to and encouraged use your own drawings if you wish.

Silk Screen Color Chart: These are the colors, made by Union Ink Company, that our local t-shirt print shop uses in Denair. If you are a Denair High student use these colors in your design. If not, you may wish to check with your print shop of choice to find out what brand they use and locate their color chart on the internet to use for your design. Some print shops will mix colors custom to your liking and others use the inks as is out of the jar.

End File - Grading Expectations: This page will show you how your finished project should look. It will also show the way your layers should look in the layers palette as well as other things that should be included to recieve a high grade. There are two files for this project - your "T-Shirt 1" File, and your "Screen Separations" file.

Study Sheet for test: If you don’t have a printout of this page get one from your teacher or print one off if you’re
viewing this from home. Then follow along in the videos and answer the questions. Then use this as a study guide for the test that corresponds for this particular assignment. Test dates are listed on the Art Design web page so make sure you know when these tests are and
that you are prepared to answer these questions correctly before that day arrives.