Instructional Videos:

Ratios & Proportions (Scaling)

Measuring (Reading a Ruler)

Dividing Whole Numbers into Fractions

Adding & Subtracting Fractions

Finding Common Denominators

Improper Fractions to Mixed Numbers



The Ruler Game

Math Playground

Hooda Math Games

Interactive Clock


Math is used in art everyday. For example, one needs to know how to read a ruler, calculate fractions, and have knowledge in ratios and proportions, in order to calculate how to scale a picture for replication. Some of you may be well versed in these skills, while others of you may not be. Due to the implementation of Common Core, and the fact that many students need added practice in some of these skills, you will be tested in these areas once per quarter in this class. The instructional videos linked to this page have been provided for you so that you may improve upon these skills. If you are one of these many students who needs this extra help and practice, follow the instructional videos and/or ask Mr. Stavrianoudakis to help you so that when it comes to test time, you can achieve your best score. Of course, you may also ask your math teacher, parent, or a friend to help teach you, as well as check into tutoring. Math is extremely important in life, and the more knowledgable you are, the better your chances are of getting a job that pays well.

ABOUT MATH TESTS: Answers must be written as a mixed number, & in its simplest form (no decimals or improper fractions). To get a look at what a test will look like, click on this Example Test link. To check your answers to see if if you need help in any certain area/s, click on the Example Test Key link.