Course Description

Grades: 10-12; Prerequisite: Art1P

This course will refine the skills learned in Art 1P. Many projects will be similar, but will be more elaborate and complex with higher expectations from the teacher. Additional projects involve painting on a larger scale which includes our famous ceiling tile painting that is a trademark of student artwork here at Denair High School.
About Projects
The projects listed to the left have links that lead to an instructional sheet that explains the unit. click on the link to access these instructions. Some may be password protected. The same username and password your child uses at school to access art files on the art class computers will open these pages. Art 2 project dates are not actually due on the dates specified. They are merely guide lines to keep the student on track so as not to fall behind. However, all projects passed the due date must be turned in a week before the quarter's end to receive a grade.
About Tests

The tests listed to the right are intended for the viewing of Denair High School art students and their parents. Most tests cover a famous artist and one or two of their works. These tests are given about every 2 weeks. Since Art 2, 3-4, and AP Art students share the same class, they take the same test. Therefore tests are alternated from year to year so students won't take the same test next year that they take this year. Make sure you select the test links that match up with the current year.

Links to the Art History Study Sheets require the same password students use in art class to log onto the school computers. If you are a parent and would like to view these sheets, get the password from your child or contact me at school by phone or via email.

I do the best job I can to keep these web pages current, however date changes may be made at school that the web page may not reflect. Keep in mind, it is your child's responsibility to read the board at school to know when his/her test dates are and what test they should be taking.

If you are a parent of a Denair High School student, and you have any questions regarding any of the content on these web pages, or your child's progress, feel free to contact me at the school by phone 632-9911 ext. 4226, or via email at

Thank you,

John Stavrianoudakis



Shaded Face
Aug 25
Sculpture - Skeleton
Sept 1
Sculpture - Body
Sept 15
Sculpture - Painting
Sept 29
Drawing for Painting
Oct 20
Nov 3
Celebrity Collage
Dec 1
Oil Pastel
Day of Final
Block Carving
Jan 19
Block Printing
Jan 26
Airbrush Exercises
Feb 2
Airbrush Rendering
Feb 23
Drawing of Ceiling Tile
Mar 2
Painting of Celing Tile
Day of Final
Project of Choice 1
Day of Final
Project of Choice 2
Day of Final