Course Description

Grades: 11 -12; Prerequisite: Art 1P, and Art2

This course will reinforce and refine the skills learned in Art 1P, and Art 2. Bimonthly quizzes, continuing in the areas of art history and basic design are continued. Art 4 is merely a repeat of Art 3. Students will pick up where they left off in Art 3 and continue to explore and grow in art areas of interest and need. Art 4 students that are very serious about art that feel they may wish to get college credit should explore the idea of AP Art and talk to their art teacher or school counseler about this possibility

About Portfolios

Art 3-4 students are given a lot of freedom to choose which types of projects they would like to work on. By now they have had at least two years of Art and should have a good idea of what areas of art they wish to excel in or improve on. However with freedom comes responsibility. To help the students and teacher keep track of the of student's progress on projects, students will keep a digital visual record of this progress. Every two weeks students will take a picture of their project with the art class’s digital camera. Students will then place it in their personal folder (portfolio) on the computer, and turn it in for a grade.

Each photo will be treated as an individual project. If there is little progress from one photo to the other, the grade will be low. If there is much progress, the grade will be high. Complexity and quality of the project are the two main factors (though there are many more) when looking at the amount of progress that should have taken place. For example, a painting or sculpture, require more time to complete than a drawing. Also, a very detailed painting will take much more time than splashing paint on a piece of paper. Remember, as in past years, all students are expected to turn in completed, quality projects.

About Tests

The tests listed to the right are intended for the viewing of Denair High School art students and their parents. Most tests cover a famous artist and one or two of their works. These tests are given about every 2 weeks. Since Art 2, 3-4, and AP Art students share the same class, they take the same test. Therefore tests are alternated from year to year so students won't take the same test next year that they take this year. Make sure you select the test links that match up with the current year.

Links to the Art History Study Sheets require the same password students use in art class to log onto the school computers. If you are a parent and would like to view these sheets, get the password from your child or contact me at school by phone or via email.

I do the best job I can to keep these web pages current, however date changes may be made at school that the web page may not reflect. Keep in mind, it is your child's responsibility to read the board at school to know when his/her test dates are and what test they should be taking.

If you are a parent of a Denair High School student, and you have any questions regarding any of the content on these web pages, or your child's progress, feel free to contact me at the school by phone 632-9911 ext. 4226, or via email at

Thank you,

John Stavrianoudakis

Portfolio Due Dates

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