Course Description

Grades: 11 -12; Prerequisite: Art 1P, and Art2

This course is an intensive course of study for the serious art student only. Since college credit is available, there are college level expectations. A minimum of 24 art pieces are required for the AP Studio Art portfolio. Students considering this course should download the Syllabus, and Course Description from the links below ahead of time so they have a good idea of what is expected of them. Many hours of work and an independent nature are required, so it will be a good idea for students to begin planning and developing their portfolio the previous year or over the Summer. It would also be a good idea to sign up for Art 3-4, or as an Art instructional aide in conjunction with the AP Art class, if your schedule will allow. Doing so isn't required, but will give you more time in class to work on your portfolio projects. Check with your school counseler and parents to see if you can work one of these options into your schedule.

Important AP Links

Official AP Website: This site will tell you anything you wish to know about your AP class/es, including fees, test dates, course descriptions, expectations, etc. If you're thinking about signing up for an AP class/es, you should educate yourself as much as possible to know what is expected of you. This site, as well as discussing options with your school counseler, AP teacher, and parents should help you make a well infomed decision.


Parts of the Studio Art Portfolio must be submitted digitally. Preview the following websites for important infomation on how to set up your account, and specifications on how to prepare your artwork for digtital submission:


Digital Submission Requirements


Digital Submission Web Application Preview


Digital Submission Account Setup/Login: To set up and review your account, you will need the teacher key from your AP Art teacher. Once you receive this key, write it down and keep it in a safe place that you can access when you need it.

Link to Official AP Art Course Description
AP Art Course Description: This course description is a PDF document that came directly from the Official AP Website link above. It is a 48 page 2.2 megabyte file. While you are welcome to read as many pages of the document as you wish, we suggest you print only those pages that are specific to the "Studio Art Drawing" section, since that is the AP class we offer here at Denair High. These are pages 23 - 27 in your print window when you go to print (the page numbers listed on the PDF file are 17 - 21). I know this doesn't make sense, but just specify pages 23 - 27 when printing. All students taking this class were given a copy of these pages at the beginning of the year. READING THESE PAGES IS A MUST!!! This document is password protected, so you will need to know the school username and password in order to get it from this link. Most DHS students know it - all should. Otherwise you can navigate through the link above to locate it on the AP website
Denair High AP Art Syllabus: All AP Art students also received a copy of this syllabus at the beginning of the year. If you are a parent of an AP Art student, I strongly recommend you print a copy so you can see what is expected of your child.
About Tests

The tests listed to the right are intended for the viewing of Denair High School art students and their parents. Most tests cover a famous artist and one or two of their works. These tests are given about every 2 weeks. Since Art 2, 3-4, and AP Art students share the same class, they take the same test. Therefore tests are alternated from year to year so students won't take the same test next year that they take this year. Make sure you select the test links that match up with the current year.

Links to the Art History Study Sheets require the same password students use in art class to log onto the school computers. If you are a parent and would like to view these sheets, get the password from your child or contact me at school by phone or via email.

I do the best job I can to keep these web pages current, however date changes may be made at school that the web page may not reflect. Keep in mind, it is your child's responsibility to read the board at school to know when his/her test dates are and what test they should be taking.

If you are a parent of a Denair High School student, and you have any questions regarding any of the content on these web pages, or your child's progress, feel free to contact me at the school by phone 632-9911 ext. 4226, or via email at

Thank you,

John Stavrianoudakis



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