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May 15-19










4th Quarter- 15 AR points are due Wednesday, May 17, 2017!!

Make sure you are reading, completing all your work and following the PAWS guidelines!



Please call, email or come in if you would like to discuss your child's progress.



AR: Read 20 minutes or 20 pages a day!





Literature: We will continue reading the novel, A Murder for Her Majesty to end the year! It is a mystery set in an English Cathedral during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I. Students will connect parts of the story with what they are learning in history....and it is a fun story!

Chapter 6-10: Quiz to be announced

we will also be looking at figurative language, idiomatic expressiions.

Library books are due this week! Make sure you return your books and do not have any outstanding fines.








Please contact me any time with questions or concerns!

Mrs. Hoyt




































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