Board of Trustees - Shared Values for Governance | Print |

Shared Values are those beliefs that are central to the mission of our District. They are stable and all members of our District rely on them for guidance and decision-making. They are used to help our District achieve its vision and mission.


  • Establish a sense of shared responsibility
  • Balance the needs of students, employees and operational requirements.
  • Define and pursue common vision with common sense.
  • Ensure shared accountability for and ownership of agreements made.


  • Promote positive professional relationships.
  • Honor bargaining units and employees consistent with our Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) to serve our students.
  • Listen to and consider ideas based on their merit in a fair and honest process.


  • Establish priorities and follow through strategies aligned with our LCAP.
  • Demonstrate positive, supportive commitment to our District’s shared mission, vision, belief and values.
  • Work collaboratively at all times to solve problems.
  • Hold to a commitment that will inform, educate and support the shared values of our District.

Honesty and Trustworthiness

  • Share accurate, timely verbal and written communications.
  • Establish mutual trust with all stakeholders based on openness, consistency and reliability.
  • Build trust in an honest and straightforward manner founded on our shared values.
  • Emphasize actions that are fair and equitable as we work together.

Caring and Compassion

  • Display mutual respect and support of others.
  • Respond unselfishly to the needs of others and treat others with kindness, concern and generosity.
  • Value similarities and differences of others.