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Welcome to Transitional Kindergarten

Denair Elementary Charter Academy

Mrs. Cole - room P-1

UC Davis


No Excuses University - UC Davis

Snack Day

Look for your child's monthly calendar. Please send a snack to share with the class on the day your child's name is highlighted. We currently have 18 students. Snacks should be healthy and store bought.




A homework folder is sent home each Friday and is due the following Friday. Homework includes a daily reading log as well as four activities for the student to do with an adult or an older child. There is also a physical activity at the bottom of the page that the student is encouaraged to practice daily to improve.  Frequently there is a "Let's Find Out!" magazine to share and a name writing practice page.




Parent Helpers

We appreciate having family members help in the classroom. Currently, the schedule is 9:45 - 11:25. If you would like to come earlier as well, please let me know.




Upcoming Events

Spring Break March 25 - April 3