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Welcome to DECA
Special Education-Mrs. Lundquist

Office Phone Number 209-634-0917

My name is Mrs. Lundquist and I am the special education teacher here at Denair Charter Academy doing resource. I have been teaching for Denair Unified School District for 21 years and love the schools. I had serviced students from kindergarten through 5th grade for 18 years and 2 years the middle school. Now at DCA servicing reasource students.

Resource is where students with learning disabilities can get extra help in learning strategies, which help them in the regular classroom. My primary responsibility is to assist my students with their Math and Language Arts assignments. It is my goal to help my students to become a more confident learner. Special education is instruction that is specially designed to meet the unique needs of children who have disabilities.


NEU College

I believe in the No Excuses University philosophy. The college that I choose for resource is Chapman University. The college is where I received my Special Education Credential with Resource Certificate.