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The Cyber High curriculum is aligned with the Content Standards and Frameworks of California. All courses are currently accredited through the Fresno Unified School District of which Roosevelt High School in Fresno, California, is the sponsoring entity. Many courses meet the College Prep A-G requirements for the University of California system.

They have been developed to offer great educational opportunities for:

  1. Students who wish to accelerate their education
  2. High risk students who might drop out
  3. Credit Recovery (NCLB)
  4. Students in continuation schools
  5. Alternative education
  6. Home schooling
  7. Adult students
  8. Mobile populations
  9. Children of military personnel

This Landmark program has been highly successful; scientific studies comparing two sample sets of like demographic students has shown that students who participated in Cyber High had a 42% higher graduation rate than those who participated using the more conventional book & paper/pencil test method. By integrating education with modern technology, Cyber High offers new avenues for learning.